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Peg Bars at dawn!!

Friends of Gertie the Dinosaur
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This community is for any body that have grate affection for animation in all its wonderful forms. From big computer animated blockbusters like ‘Shrek’ to small independent films like ‘Creature Comforts’, TV shows like 'The Simpsons' or even if your still just a big kid who watches Saturday morning cartoons.

Any body is welcome to join, just post your name, how you came upon this community, a little about your self, why you like animation and you’re favourite animated film.

‘Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive’ – Walt Disney.

‘It’s almost metaphysical in a sense. It’s controlling another object’s life force.’ – Ray Harryhausen.

‘This is the most fascinating work I have ever done – this business of making animated cartoons live on screen’ – Winsor McCay.